Casino Games – Texas Holdem Poker Rules

Texas Hold Texas Holdem Poker is the world has most widely played poker game. The main difference to Draw Poker (5-card poker hand) are the 5-community cards face-up. Each player is dealt two hidden hole cards in addition; it may not show the other players.

From these seven cards, each player puts together the best poker hand for him. Another major difference from the Draw Poker is the basic bet. In draw poker, each player pays the so-called ante, which is the reason use. In Texas Holdem only two players have to pay before uncovering the community cards use a reason. This is called blind. , he sits left of the dealer the small blind; he pays half the initial bet. The left of the small blind is the big blind sits; he pays the full use of reason.

After the blinds have been paid, each player is dealt two cards face down. The small blind gets the first card here. The beginning of the first round of betting, the player left of the big blind starts.To play along, now he must pay at least the big blind. Specifically, he has the following options: Fold – The player throws his cards. The round was free for him. Call – The player pays the minimum bet and continue playing.

Raise – The player pays the minimum bet, and raises the stakes for the other players. The subsequent player then has to pay at least the big blind plus the increase. Every player has these options. Finally, the big blind’s turn, was not raised up to him, he has a so-called option. He can check, then the first community cards are revealed or he can raise, then the other players must increase pay more to stay in the game.

The first betting round ends when all remaining players have been paid the same amount in the pot. After the first round will be revealed, the first three community cards. They are called the flop. The beginning of the second round of betting, the player left of the dealer begins.